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Garage Door Spring and Cable Repair Vaughan

Garage Door Spring Repair Vaughan provides springs & services. Every garage door must have properly working springs for it to work accordingly. There are many different styles of springs as well as many different sizes of springs. In addition, each garage door has their own specific size. Here at Garage Door Spring Repair Vaughan, our technicians have been working with springs for many years. Providing great repairs and services for our local Vaughan area residents and businesses. Equally important, we also provide services such as repairs and installations for cables. Cables support and help the spring lift the garage door. Both working together to make your garage door work perfectly.


Need new springs installed in your garage door? Look no further, we provide installations on all sizes of springs, have it be residential garage doors or commercial garage doors. In like manner, cables are also included in that conversation. Give us a call today to set up a same-day service, and we will keep your garage door working like new. Always on time, always quality work, and always the best prices.


Torsion Springs

Metal torsion springs are normally placed above the garage door. Garage Door Spring Repair Vaughan highly recommends torsion springs for your garage door. Not mention they are also used for heavier doors, so torsion springs are always a great choice for commercial doors. Coupled with repairs, Garage Door Spring Repair Vaughan also installs new torsion springs. Above all, torsion springs require less moving parts so that means less maintenance! Make your garage door happy and feeling good with new installed torsion springs. Get in touch with us today!

  • 24 hour customer service
  • Same day emergency appointments
  • 20 min response time
  • Warranty on all springs and labor


In addition to fast response, Garage Door Spring Repair Vaughan has licensed, bonded, and trained technicians. No matter the size of your torsion spring, Garage Door Spring Repair Vaughan will have the right fit for you. Call today!


Extension Springs


Extension springs are a more traditional approach to springs. As a matter of fact, if you install new extension springs on your garage door, you also need to install new safety cables and other parts. Equally important, these type of springs are mounted on the side of the door not above like the torsion springs. Above all, the extension spring is the least expensive and will get the job done! Our trained technicians at Garage Door Spring Repair Vaughan are ready to go around the clock. Need a repair or installation? Give Garage Door Spring Repair Vaughan a call to set up a same day appointment.


Spring Repair Services

Garage Door Repair Vaughan repairs all types of springs. Our main priority is the safety of our customers and having properly working springs is the most important part. Springs are essential to the garage door because they help lift your heavy door. With this in mind, the springs eventually wear out over time, if you don’t up keep them. Keep your springs up to date and maintained with our trained technicians. Depending on the quality of the parts, the springs can last between 5 to 10 years.

In like manner, Garage Door Repair Vaughan only provides:

  • Quality springs
  • Quality maintenance package
  • Quick repairs
  • Fast same day emergency service

Give our friendly staff a call and set up your repairs today before it is too late. Technicians available 24/7 around the clock.


Cable Services

Cables are the backup life line for springs. If your springs break, the cable is there to keep your garage door in place and keep it safe until further repairs. Another key point is the cables unwind when the springs break or malfunction. On the positive side, that does not always mean they are broken. All Garage Door Spring Repair Vaughan has to do is install the new springs for you and wind the cables back up. Coupled with repairs, we also include maintenance packages to keep your cables up to date. Stay up to date with your cables and springs, use Garage Door Spring Repair Vaughan for all your garage door needs. Always stay safe, and schedule an appointment today!

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