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Torsion and Extension Garage Door Springs Replacement

Many property owners usually give little thought to their garage doors until when there is a problem. Suddenly, they are forced by circumstances to run up and down looking for repair techs. In some other instances, they are forced to make all kinds of decisions including the types of springs to install. If you are like them, then the chances are that you might end up making the wrong decision since you probably have little knowledge about the types of springs available out there. As a group that cares about your safety and security, we do not want you to have a hard time making decisions. We’ve gathered together all you ever need to know about the types of garage door springs.


About Torsion and Extension Springs – Garage Door Springs Vaughan

Although springs are of many different types, they are usually categorized into two major groups namely the torsion and extension springs. Though they serve the same purpose, they have different features and the choice of any of them largely depends on your needs and what experts will recommend to you. When Vaughan Garage Door Repairs are called to install or replace these springs, we usually consider many factors before recommending or going ahead to install a given type. So what’s the difference between these two types of springs? Here we go:


Extension Springs Replacement

You’ll find these springs on either side of the door above the upper horizontal tracks. They are the most common ones in residential properties for all the cool reasons. To support the door and facilitate opening, these springs extend so as to provide a strong counterbalancing force required when opening the door. If you want the springs to expand more, you simply apply more force. You, however, need to be careful when dealing with them since they can cause harm or serious damage if mishandled.


Torsion Springs Replacement

Unlike the extension springs that extend to facilitate opening, torsion springs use torque. They are attached above the opening of the garage. When force is applied, they begin to twist and coil. The force can either be manual or from a motor depending on the garage system you have. That aside, these springs come in many options of varying sizes, lengths, and other features. All these are designed to meet the varying needs of users.


Who Should Do the Replacement of Torsion and Extension Springs?Vaughan Garage Door Springs

As a property owner and having used garage doors, you’ve probably known that springs work under tremendous amounts of pressure. It, therefore, means that one needs to be a specialist to repair garage door springs. In fact, it’s always safe and wise to report to specialists whenever you have any issue with your springs. If you live in Vaughan, then we are the team you can entrust the responsibility to replace your springs. Garage Door Springs Vaughan give you the assurance that you’ll get high-quality services and enjoy safety for many years.


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